The PHARMACHEM brand was created in 2017 by a European pharmaceutical manufacturing company to bring the most innovative performance enhancing range of products to the UK and European market.

Mid 2017 PHARMACHEM launched 5 oral and 7 injectable products onto the UK and European markets. PHARMACHEM plans to double its offering in 2018.

PHARMACHEM is in the process of developing and launching the first commercially viable Human Growth Hormone which is available in a ready-to-use cartridge. Pharmaceutical Human Growth Hormone in the 21st century is generally available in stable liquid doses for injection. Powder preparations are no longer favored due to the water for injection preparations supplied generally do not contain the correct surfactants, stabilizers, pH buffers and preservatives which allow the Growth Hormone peptide's to remain stable for long periods of time.



Our manufacturing batch tolerance is never lower than 97% on both output per batch as well as amount of API per dosage.We operate between 97-102%


Manufacturers around the world, manufactured according Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles in certified Pharmaceutical facilities. State of the art production equipment, formulations, raw materials are used in all processes.


Designed to create new markets and provide state of the art performance enhancement drugs to elite athletes maintaining the absolute best quality products using the finest Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) from raw material suppliers.


PHARMACHEM has a competitive advantages over the competition


With Pharmaceutical manufacturing the product formulation is as important as the source of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's).



The tablet formulations rely on a blend of various excipients (other materials) to assist with the correct release pattern of the given product. As API’s are destroyed by stomach acids therefore they would need to bypass the stomach and be absorbed in the gut (intestines) in order to allow maximum absorption.


PHARMACHEM is mindful of this and applies the same principle to its injection products. High dosed testosterone preparations require certain solvents and co-solvents to remain in solution as well as be absolved correctly and under favourable conditions. No expense is spared to this event.


We look forward to bringing our customers more state of the art products, of the best quality at affordable prices.

Our prices are not set according to the age old act of pricing against the competition. We work on a modest margin to allow our customers to access products at the most cost effective prices irrespective of what other companies price at.

Our service within the market is unmatched. PHARMACHEM carefully selects distributors whom adhere to our code of conduct and emulate who we are as a brand.

Yours in Anabolic's